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Meet the Team


Lauren Burt

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

License Number: 120207

Lauren creates a safe holding environment for her clients through radical presence and non-judgment. She trusts that her clients have a deep inner knowing and collaborates with them to bring that wisdom to their consciousness.

Lauren creates a protective space for her clients to be truly themselves… to be open and honest about their ongoing struggles. She welcomes all stories and believes that, within the power of choice, we have everything we need to create the pathways that better lead us to our desired life.

Lauren works with individuals and also with couples, whom she welcomes with a fair and impartial stance. As a couples therapist, Lauren honors each individual’s truth, and helps bridge the gaps that have caused pain in the relationship.

As an artist and practiced art therapist, Lauren often uses creativity as a tool for her clients to access untapped parts of themselves.  She received her Masters Degree from Phillips Graduate University where she completed dual programs in Marriage and Family Therapy and in Art Therapy. Lauren has also been trained in Source Code Psychotherapy, a developmental and psychoanalytic approach to self-understanding.

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