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Meet the Team


Miranda Kent

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

License Number: 121002

Miranda holds space with empathy and creativity while helping her clients heal unconscious blocks to peace and self-acceptance.  Often these blocks come up as trouble spots in love, work, and relationship to self… sometimes in patterns that feel familiar and repetitive. 

Miranda assists her clients in identifying coping styles that were created and needed in childhood, but no longer serve them in their quest for authenticity and full self-expression as adults.  

Miranda earned her Masters Degree in Psychology at Mount St. Mary’s University and continued clinical training at the regionally recognized Maple Counseling Center. She was also trained by Dr. Sam Rader in Source Code Psychotherapy, a developmental and psychoanalytic approach to self-understanding.

Miranda further studied Child Development at Early Childhood Development Associates where she facilitated Mommy and Me Groups as well as providing one-on-one support with children in preschool settings. 

Miranda works with adult individuals and specializes in parenting, particularly in supporting new moms and dads as they adjust to this new phase of life.

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