MAY 13TH - MAY 20TH, 2023

Hey There! Yes, you!

You do so much for everyone else.. I see you. I know you. I feel you. 

When is the last time you allowed someone to nourish you? To feed you? To take care of you?


Maybe it's time to let some of that good milk in. Maybe it's time to allow the vectors that are always pointing out, to turn around and point inwards. 

Does this sound appealing? How about I sweeten the deal? What if I told you that we can enjoy life for one solid week in Amalfi, on the coast, in a beautiful luxurious setting with private castle-like villas overlooking the sea? And what if I told you that this retreat would be all inclusive? That's right! Our own private chef to nourish our bodies with amazing fresh healthy food! A butler, a maid, and full time concierge services to provide everything we could ask for and more! 

Who am I and what is my role on this retreat?

My name is Lauren Burt and I will be your facilitator for this week long women's retreat. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a trained Art Therapist based in Southern California. I am just as excited as you are to take you on this wild journey!

I was a participant on a retreat in this very villa led by another therapist and it changed my life! I want to offer this gift to other women and cannot wait to bring together a group from all over the country that are ready to explore, receive, luxuriate, and heal!

I have planned exciting and fulfilling adventures and activities for all of us to partake in during our week long stay in Italy! We will take group excursions into neighboring towns and explore the Amalfi culture through their food, their wine, their art, and their people!

We will participate in group art therapy sessions followed by process groups where we will hold space for one another and welcome whatever comes up through our internal explorations.

We will nourish our bodies, minds, and souls through daily yoga and meditation offerings.

We will EAT! Oh my goodness will we ever!! Our private villa chef will prepare our meals when we are at the villa and we will explore the foods that the Amalfi restaurants have to offer as well! 

We will also have plenty of time to chill at the villa.. we will be able to hang out with the animals on their small farm, lounge by the pool, walk down to the sea and venture in to snorkel, relax in a number of communal spaces on the premises that we will have 24 hour access to, or just spend some time on your patio or in your own private villa.

 I invite you to join me for this deeply beautiful week in one of the most magical and glorious places on Earth!


Important pieces of information regarding this retreat:

Airfare is NOT included in the total package price; that is your responsibility to secure.

We will be offering yoga, lots of walking through towns, and some hiking. All of these are optional and I trust that you know your body better than anyone else and what it can endure.

This retreat can accommodate up to 10 participants, myself excluded. If you are interested in joining, please reach out to me either via email or phone so we can chat about any questions you may have.