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Image by Alexandra Tran

May 18th - May 25th, 2024

Yazzzz queen!

Do you want to learn how to find your power? Your source? Your inner lioness? Have you met her but want MORE of her? Because I know for a fact that she is in there and dying to come out and dance!!!

Come with us on this magical retreat with a group of amazing and powerful women (like yourself) and release this goddess into the world! 

Does this sound appealing? How about I sweeten the deal? What if I told you that we can enjoy life for one solid week in Amalfi, on the coast, in a beautiful luxurious setting with private castle-like villas overlooking the sea? And what if I told you that this retreat would be all inclusive? That's right! Our own private chef to nourish our bodies with amazing fresh healthy food! A butler, a maid, and full time concierge services to provide everything we could ask for and more! 

Live like the queen that you are!

Image by Edgar Chaparro
Who are we and what are our roles on this retreat?

My name is Lauren and I will be your facilitator for this week long retreat! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a trained Art Therapist based in Southern California. I have held international retreats in various parts of the world and have discovered it as one of my greatest passions! Something shifts into openness and safe intimacy during these retreats that I have not experienced anywhere else.. I have witnessed some HUGE breakthroughs and connections happen on these retreats! I am just as excited as you are to take you on this extraordinary journey!




Happy people build their inner world; unhappy people blame their outer world." –Dalai Lama

We want to offer this retreat to a group from all over the world that are ready to explore, receive, luxuriate, and heal! And by the way, the place we will be staying is like nowhere I have ever stayed before. Talk about luxury!! A private chef to feed our souls, a butler to make sure we have everything we need, a maid to keep after our rooms, and a full time concierge that leaves no question unanswered.

Yes please!

We have planned exciting and fulfilling adventures and activities for all of us to partake in during our week long stay in Italy! We will take group excursions into neighboring towns and explore the Amalfi culture through their food, their wine, their art, and their people! We will have the opportunity to take a pottery class with an authentic talented potter in Minori; we will take a luxurious outing on a private boat with our own boat captain who will take us around the islands and stop at some amazing underwater caves (grottos) for us to explore; we will have all the shopping in the Amalfi coast that we want!!

We will participate in group art sessions followed by process groups where we will hold space for one another and welcome whatever comes up through our internal explorations. We will find and unleash the inner goddesses in all of us and celebrate her together~

We will nourish our bodies, minds, and souls through daily yoga and meditation offerings, sound healings, and reiki sessions.

We will EAT! Oh my goodness will we ever!! Our private villa chef will prepare our meals when we are at the villa and we will explore the foods that the Amalfi restaurants have to offer as well! That's half the reason for going right there!

We will also have plenty of time to chill at the villa.. we will be able to hang out with the animals on their small farm, lounge by the pool, walk down to the sea and venture in to snorkel, relax in a number of communal spaces on the premises that we will have 24 hour access to, or just spend some time on your patio or in your own private villa.

 I invite you to join us for this deeply beautiful week in one of the most enchanted and glorious places on Earth!

Tara will be joining us on this retreat to offer yoga, sound healing, reiki, and guided meditations. She  believes in the power of healing and transformation through connection and whole hearted authentic living! She is a certified integrative health and wellness coach, a 200 RYT, certified Reiki Practitioner, and a certified sound therapist. 

A message from Tara: As adults, sometimes we are disillusioned by the idea that asking for support is a sign that we are somehow “broken”.  Allow yourself to see that imperfection is truly a gift and is the vehicle to greater connection with yourself and others. Not having all the answers all the time is a great relief. It allows the beauty of having a beginners or childs mind to open to new possibilities and the beauty of learning and growing together. 


I look forward to meeting, working with, and getting to know you! 


Important pieces of information regarding this retreat:

What’s included:

Seven nights accommodation

Yoga and/or Meditation daily

Creative arts and process groups

Three meals per day prepared on site (minus meals when we are off site)

Wine with Dinner

All snacks and non-alcoholic beverages

Daytime excursions

Taxes and tips

What is NOT included:

Your airfare

Transfer from and to airport

Spa services

Limited number of spaces so definitely reach out if you are interested and we can set up a call to go over any questions you may have! 

Contact info at bottom of this page.

After you reach out and we confirm your spot, I will send you an event registration form with instructions on deposit and payments.

Self Investment Cost:


For shared accommodations with 2 people per room: $4055

For a single villa all to yourself: $4555 


I get it! These things cost money, and not just a little bit! What you will get for this price is worth every penny. You will get rejuvenation, relaxation, healing, connection, rest, exploration, and self-love. Don't let money get in the way of you and this much needed retreat.. you deserve this!

Also... Payment plans available!





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