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Anxiety Treatment in Los Angeles, CA 

Anxiety is one of the many issues that our holistic team of anxiety therapists work with here at
The Holding Space. To find out more about how we approach treatment for anxiety, read below

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What is Anxiety?


Anxiety is one of the most commonly diagnosed mental health concerns in the U.S., with prevalence rates increasing in recent years. Some level of anxiety is a natural, even beneficial part of being a human. It can alert us to potential danger, increase our focus on important tasks, and, in certain circumstances, even improve our performance on tasks. Thus, anxiety itself is not a mental health issue—clinical anxiety, which is prolonged or in some way inappropriate for the situation or stimulus, is. This is important to keep in mind when considering whether or not to seek anxiety treatment, as are the descriptions to follow. 

Can Anxiety be Experienced in Several Ways?


Clinical anxiety can present itself in several ways and on a spectrum of severity. Common amongst diagnoses is the anticipation of a future threat and/or fear. It is also associated with maladaptive cognitive and behavioral changes. While related, the experiences of fear and anxiety are different. Thus, they involve different changes. Anxiety, which can come from fear, is often associated with muscle tension, and excessive vigilance. However, fear involves the nervous system's arousal, like the prototypical fight or flight response. It also involves thoughts of immediate danger and escape behaviors. Other important components of clinical anxiety are that the fear and/or anxiety magnify the actual situation or stimulus. They are persistent, generally lasting 6 months or more. 

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What does Anxiety Look Like?


Clinical anxiety can present in a variety of ways. Anxiety disorders are based on the types of objects or situations that induce one’s fear or anxiety. For example, if your anxiety presents in the form of a specific phobia, you will experience excessive fear and anxiety in response to specific situations. Or, if your anxiety presents in the form of social anxiety, you will experience fear and/or anxiety in response to certain situations. This could involve you feeling like you embarrass yourself, such as when going to meet new people. If your anxiety presents in the generalized form, you will experience persistent worry. Various areas in your life where you feel you have limited control, such as work or school performance can make you anxious. One of the strong characteristics of anxiety is that the worry you experience will cause distress. Not only within you but also in important areas of your life, like relationships, work, etc. If you start to notice these experiences, you may want to consider anxiety treatment at our Los Angeles-based practice!

What does Anxiety Treatment Look Like?


While anxiety often does have a biological component, it also often has roots in our early history and/or family dynamics. Based on this knowledge, anxiety treatment often aims to identify and heal the underlying issues from our past, while also easing symptoms in the present.


Here at The Holding Space, we help you identify the past and present issues that are specific to you. We offer an individualized, holistic approach to address them. This starts with welcoming our clients into a warm and accepting environment. We believe it is vital for creating the trust and safety needed for any therapeutic work. Once these requirements for the therapeutic relationship have been met, your therapist will begin the work with you. Not only to explore how your anxiety symptoms are impacting you in the present but also how they developed and are upheld. Your therapist may even blend different treatments with the goal of creating a better understanding of yourself. Through this, it will develop the ability to soothe yourself and your nervous system.

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Who does Anxiety Treatment Work for?


If you recognize the experiences described above or are concerned they might be developing, Anxiety treatment could be right for you. 


Common anxiety-related topics that our anxiety therapists work with include:



Start Anxiety Treatment at The Holding Space in Los Angeles, CA Today!

Take control of your anxiety and reclaim your life. Our dedicated team of anxiety therapists are here to support you and your journey. Don't let anxiety hold you back any longer. To see if The Holding Space might be a fit for you and your unique needs, follow the steps below:

  1. Reach out to schedule a free consultation. 

  2. Speak with an experienced anxiety therapist.

  3. Begin finding calm in your life. 

Other Therapy Services Offered at the Holding Space in Los Angeles, CA

Our licensed and professional anxiety therapists have extensive experience in helping clients with anxiety. We provide other forms of therapy to help people effectively manage their specific problems. Our other therapy services include Depression treatment, LGBTQ+ Affirmative therapyTherapy for Addiction, Couples Therapy, Art Therapy, and Brainspotting. Contact us today to learn more about our Los Angeles-based practice.

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