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Relationship Therapy

Are you experiencing difficulties and challenges in your current relationship? Are these difficulties repeating themselves with seemingly no solutions? Are you feeling hopeless within your relationship because of these patterns? If so, therapy to help you detect, understand, and shift these patterns at The Holding Space may be a fit for your needs. Read below to learn more!

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What is therapy for Relationship Challenges?

Therapy for relationship challenges is quite the common topic here at The Holding Space. We are relational therapists so we focus very much on relationships everywhere. You may come into therapy focusing on your current partnership and we will certainly spend a lot of time on that relationship; we will explore what drew you to each other, what triggers you now, what feels good, what doesn't and what you would like to shift. We will also focus on your relational patterns which started way before you met your current partner. We will learn about your relationship models (your parents and/or primary caregivers) and what you, as a little sponge of a child, absorbed and learned by watching their dynamics. We will explore your history of relationships from your first to your current one and locate the patterns that you already have. We will also explore the particular triggers that you and your partner have that tend to battle each other in the heat of the moment. 

What does therapy for relationship challenges look like?


Every relationship is unique. There are three units that we are learning about and assessing in relational work: you, your partner, and the relationship. We need to get close to each of those units in order to understand how they work together, what isn't working, and what needs tending to. Think of these units as three buckets. Sometimes we fill one bucket to the point where it is overflowing.. while other buckets are dry or barely filled. We get to take a close look at these buckets and really get honest about what and who may be getting neglected within this three part system.

We value the relational piece of therapy in our work here at The Holding Space. Sometimes, as we explore the depths of your relational patterns and the triggers you have within your relationships, we might bump up against a tender spot that gets activated right there in the room together. It is perfectly normal and acceptable for you to feel that within our work together. We get to use our relationship to heal these old triggers and stories. All parts and all feelings are welcome in our room.

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Here at The Holding Space, we help you identify the issues that are specific to you, and we offer an individualized, holistic approach to address them. This starts with welcoming our clients into a warm and accepting environment, which we believe is necessary for creating the trust and safety needed for any therapeutic work. Once these minimum requirements for the therapeutic relationship have been established, your therapist will work with you to clarify relationship challenges and explore how they are related to your past and present stressors, traumas, and/or other mental health concerns, as well as to your intersecting identities, your

relationship with yourself, and your developmental experiences. Your therapist may integrate different treatment modalities into this exploration as we understand what may be needed to shift some of these patterns.

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Who does therapy for sex and intimacy work for?

Therapy for relationship challenges can occur with an individual or a couple. Whether you are noticing changes, difficulties, or questions specific relationship challenges in yourself (past relationships) or your current relationship(s), or you are simply interested in exploring these subjects more deeply, here at The Holding Space, we believe there is always a place for shifting relationship challenges in mental health and wellbeing. Accordingly, a wide range of topics may be covered within the therapy for sex and intimacy that we provide.

Common topics we discuss throughout therapy for relationship challenges include:

~Gender and Sexuality




~Sex and Intimacy

~Family Dynamics






To find out if The Holding Space might be a fit for you and your unique needs, contact us for a consultation today!

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