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Meet the Team

Charmy Marras

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


Charmy creates a therapeutic container to work relationally. We are in relationship with everything around us: people, plants, places, objects, money, gender, and our internal selves. They believe that it is important to explore what those relationships mean and how we can become more conscious of our life as a whole, made up of parts that interact with each other.  Charmy values a client/therapist relationship that is dynamic, working collaboratively to create therapy that is right for you. They provide a meaningful space for you to explore what challenges are present in your life. As you share, you will be met with compassion, curiosity, and acceptance as you work towards a greater sense of ease in your life. Charmy values the importance of creative expression and the process of deepening relationships with others and ourselves. 

Charmy earned their Bachelor's Degree in Dance from The Ohio State University and a Masters in Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Previously they trained at BAART Clinic treating people in recovery from addiction, and Counseling West treating adults ages 24-50. They have worked in Crisis Services at The Trevor Project supporting LGBTQ+ youth in crisis, and with Brave Trails where they trained clinicians to provide Queer-focused therapy for LGBTQ+ youth. They enjoy working with curious youth, adults, couples, and families, and believe that the work of connecting to Queer Spirit can be healing for anyone.

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