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Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by @109world and @sodalime_

Receive and Rejuvenate


November 6th - 11th, 2022

Join us on our healing journey
      towards replenishment!

Hello wonderful people! I'm holding a wellness retreat for



My intention is to nourish and feed those of you who are starving for some self-love and self-care... I know you spend so much energy feeding everyone else, it's time for you to receive!

I will be offering creative arts workshops and process groups, morning and evening beachside yoga and meditation, dance and movement healing workshops, three gourmet farm to table meals per day, daytime excursions and beautiful eco rooms in tranquil Playa Viva, Mexico!

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by Kevin Steele
Who am I and what is my role on this retreat?

Hi!!!! My name is Lauren and I will be your facilitator for this retreat! I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a trained Art Therapist, and a retreat leader based in Southern California. I am just as excited as you are to take you on this replenishing journey!

I cannot wait to bring together a group from all over the country that are ready to explore, receive, luxuriate, and heal!





































~We will nourish our bodies, minds, and souls through beachside yoga and meditation offerings twice daily.

~We will offer healing dance and movement classes to help our bodies release and reawaken.

~We will participate in creative arts workshops followed by process groups where we will hold space for one another and welcome whatever comes up through our internal explorations.























Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by Nybe Motion
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Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva 

Imagine waking up here.. smelling the sweet smell of the fresh air as your luxury eco casita allows the ocean breeze in to greet you and say "good morning".

You gently roll out of your comfortable bed and casually stroll out of your casita onto the sand which leads you to the sea.. what better way to welcome in the fresh day than saying hello to the ocean with your toes?

Take your time here, slow down, allow the day to begin at your pace and take in deep rejuvenating breaths. You are here. You did it. You gifted yourself this time away and it is JUST FOR YOU. When you are ready, you make your way to join the rest of us for breakfast, yoga, and the rest of the day as we enjoy the benefits of what our retreat has to offer.

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Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva

We will EAT! Oh my goodness will we ever!! Our resort chef will prepare three meals per day from locally sourced farm to table fresh delicious food! We will also have plenty of snacks available also prepared by our chef. All non alcoholic non blended drinks are also included. Wine will be provided during dinner. There is a bar on premises that you may partake in at your own expense.

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva 

We will also have plenty of time to chill at the resort.. we will be able to lounge by the pool, walk down to the sea, enjoy the beach, relax in a number of communal spaces on the premises, or just spend some time on your patio or in your beautiful room surrounded by nature!

The resort has a spa with multiple spa services available for you to purchase!

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by @edailleurs
Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva

Excursions! We will have adventures! Below are some that will be offered and included in the cost of the retreat.

We will discover sea turtle conservation with La Tortuga Viva. We will be guided on a short nature walk though Playa Viva reserve to the sanctuary where sea turtle nests are protected. We can get involved in the conservation work and assist baby turtle release, depending on Mother Nature!

​We will go on a snorkeling adventure! We will take a boat from beautiful Zihuatanejo bay to a remote coral reef with calm waters and witness magnificent aquatic life. Our guide, Paco or Fred, will be with us in the water giving us tips and pointing out the wonders below. Paco and Fred are certified SCUBA instructors and have extensively explored the depths of Guerrero’s coast line.


We will participate in a Temazcal Ceremony at Playa Larga!
We will experience a local indigenous purification ceremony in what is known as a Temazcal (originating from the Nahuatl word temāzcalli, “house of heat”, aka sweatlodge). Enter the handcrafted ceramic dome to sweat it out, set intentions, and connect with the earth and the fire, guided by a local female shaman who helped to create this sacred space. Offerings of ceremonial songs and flowers are made as the fire heats the interior. Come ready to sweat and smile.

 I invite you to join me for this deeply beautiful retreat in one of the most tranquil and relaxing places on Earth!

Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by Dave Krugman

Have you seen this and thought..

"I really wish I could do something like this!!!"

If so, then this is really really for you!

You ARE allowed to leave your caretaking parts behind and just


Photo Courtesy of Playa Viva by Kevin Steele


Important pieces of information regarding this retreat:

What’s included:

Transfer from and to airport

Gourmet meals, 3 per day

Wine with Dinner

All snacks and non-blended beverages that are non alcoholic

Creative Arts Workshops and process groups

Creative Movement and Dance Workshops

Beachside Yoga and Meditation twice daily

Five nights accommodation

Taxes and tips

Daytime excursions

What is NOT included:

Your airfare

All other alcoholic beverages besides wine at dinner (there is a bar on site)

Fresh coconuts and smoothies

Spa services

Boutique purchases

Limited number of spaces so definitely reach out if you are interested and we can set up a call to go over any questions you may have! 

Contact info at bottom of this page.

After you reach out and we confirm your spot, I will send you an event registration form with instructions on deposit and payments.



Cost is as follows:

For shared accomodations with either 2 or 3 people per room: $2705

For single room with a shared bathroom: $2805

For a single casita all to yourself: $2955 - SOLD OUT


I get it! These things cost money! What you will get for this price is worth every penny. You will get rejuvenation, relaxation, healing, connection, rest, exploration, and self-love. What does it cost you to NOT allow yourself to fill up? Don't let money get in the way of you and this much needed retreat.. you deserve this!

Also... Payment plans available!





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