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The Holding Space

Effective relational therapy that creates lasting change

Therapy in Los Angeles, California

Our therapists specialize in treating anxiety due to relational trauma that has led to perfectionism, overachieving, feelings of not enough and difficulty with codependent patterns.

In Person and Virtual Therapy in California

Where are you stuck?


Do you resonate with being a fixer? The person with the answers or the solutions? Did you parent your parents? Do you only relax when you get sick or feel you only deserve a break if you go non stop?


Or do you feel you never have enough, and the life, love and joy that others seem to call in  with ease somehow eludes you? When you get something good, do you imagine it will get taken away? Maybe you feel you are always chasing and never satisfied with what you have.


Maybe you are convinced that you are an outsider or that the understanding you desire only exists in books, movies or in new relationships or locales.


These experiences are not problems that are unique to you! These are all examples of patterns that arise when we are missed at important stages in our relational development, usually in our early childhood.


A Holding Space is what every one of us needed when we were children.

A Place that offered love and acceptance for all of our parts

and let us know that every part of our being was welcome.

Sometimes we got that space in certain ways, but not others.

Some of us never did.

Welcome! We are Lauren and Miranda, the founders of

The Holding Space Psychotherapy.



We want to help you slow down and connect.

We can help you feel more accepting of yourself and satisfied in your important relationships.

We are here to illuminate unconscious patterns that may be getting in the way of the lasting change that you desire and deserve. 

We are here to help you find the connection between your current struggles to wounds that were created long ago in childhood.


Through empathy, radical acceptance, and action, we help you shift the old beliefs and create new ones. 

"Changing one's own behavior is a much more promising strategy than insisting on change from the other."
-Terry Real

Our therapists at The Holding Space are here to create the environment that allows you to understand, process and move beyond the coping mechanisms that we tend to think of as our “personality”, but are often limiting stories that we needed to adopt to adapt to our family system. This was a necessary thing to do in childhood, but often holds us back from a more authentic and free expression of ourselves in our adult experience. 


Whether you want more joy and connection with yourself, your partner, your family or you are seeking relief from trauma or painful outdated beliefs about your life… we are here to offer insight, compassion and solid tools to help you create lasting change in your life.


Our Therapy Specialties

Our therapists work with individuals and couples on a variety of problem areas. There are many reasons that people come to therapy. Some of the issues below may feel familiar to you, or you may not fully understand what is creating discomfort in your life. We are here to answer questions and to help you understand what therapy will be like. We look forward to hearing from you and knowing more about how we can support you.

Learn more about how we can help~

Healing is not linear.
Healing is messy.
Healing can start anywhere at any time.

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