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Who Can Benefit from Getting Professional Art Therapy?

Signing Up for Art Therapy: Who Can Benefit from It?

When they hear the word “therapy”, many people immediately think of behavioral, cognitive, and humanistic therapies. This isn’t really surprising since these therapies are highly popular among practitioners and clients and have been found to be effective in helping people make desired changes to their life. However, it’s important to note that these types of therapies aren’t your only option since you can also sign up for art therapy with a trusted and licensed provider. You can check out The Holding Space for art therapy in Los Angeles.

What Art Therapy Can Do for Kids

Art therapy is often used to help children who have undergone severe trauma or are experiencing stress and anxiety due to learning disabilities, family problems, illness, frequent hospitalizations, and more. This type of therapy is ideal for many kids since it allows them to explore their emotions and express what they feel without having to use words and sentences. For smaller children who don’t have a good grasp of vocabulary yet, or for older kids who have issues with verbal communication, art therapy can be a good choice as well. Children can also use art therapy as a temporary escape from reality. This can be a good thing since it allows them to have a bit of control over their situation and learn how to create their own narrative. To promote healthy coping skills for teens and children, it’s recommended to incorporate art therapy into the healing process. Many therapists also recommend art therapy for children since it’s easier to encourage them to draw or paint than to get them to answer questions and discuss what’s on their mind. Through art therapy, experts will find it easier to get to the heart of the problem and find ways to help their clients.

How Grown Ups Can Benefit from Art Therapy

It’s important to note that, while art therapy has been commonly used with kids, it’s not just designed to help children. Adults can also benefit greatly from art therapy since it allows them to express their worries, frustrations, and more without having to find the right words to describe how they feel. Art therapy can also be used to assist clients with identifying the emotions that they’re currently grappling with and help therapists identify the best course of action to guide their clients in the healing process. Art therapy can be used not just in treating mental and emotional conditions — it can also be used as a prevention tool by providing clients with an outlet to release their emotions. Through this type of therapy, clients can express their feelings instead of bottling them up, and they can have a platform where they can vent out their stress and worries in an effective and non-destructive way.

Get in Touch with Us

Art therapy can provide a wide range of benefits not just to children but to adults as well. If you’d like to explore this type of therapy and enjoy the benefits it offers, make sure to call The Holding Space. We offer professional art therapy solutions along with cognitive behavioral therapy in LA and more. Reach out to our licensed and experienced therapists today and find out how we can assist you!

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