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Relational Couples Therapy: Strengthening your Partnership

Who should go to relational or couples therapy? Who needs to strengthen their bond and work out some issues and challenges? Who can benefit from talking to an impartial third party about their relationship? If you said “everyone”, we here at The Holding Space concur! Regardless of how long you've been together or the nature of your relationship, Relational Therapy in Los Angeles, CA is designed for anyone seeking to enhance their connection. In this blog, you will learn how relational couples therapy can offer valuable tools for everyone on the journey of partnership.

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The Special Relationship of Relational Couples Therapy

Relational couples therapy is not just for couples in crisis or couples that have “problems”. There used to be such a stigma about all therapy, especially couples therapy. But that has been changing and evolving into a positive step that people are taking in order to heal and become the best versions that we can be! This also applies to relational couples therapy.

Why not be in the best coupleship possible? This is the person that we spend so much time with, so much energy on, and so much love around. This person, our partner, is the person who gets to know us on a most intimate level. They get to see and meet parts of us that few people have the privilege of ever meeting. It is a special relationship that we hold with care. As relational therapists, we also hold that relationship with such love and care. We do not take for granted that you have decided to trust us with the precious internal workings of your coupleship.

Creating a Safe Space for Relational Work

In the therapy room, so much happens between the therapist and the client. We form a relationship together and we pay attention to what happens within that relationship. We are there within a role, to be your therapist. But we are also human beings. So we get to use that to our advantage in working with you; we get to be the hamsters in the test of life. Let’s use our relationship together to heal some of those wounds that are too scared to come out in the outside world.

When we work with our clients, our first priority is to create a safe space where you are able to roll back those defenses and let your soft underbelly show. We are able to connect on intimate levels with our clients and are able to have a new type of relationship that perhaps you have not experienced before. For many of our clients, their therapist is the first time they experience a secure attachment in their lives. This is not abnormal. With that, comes opportunities for triggers to be felt, seen, heard, and tended to in a soft, loving, and safe way. This is the relational part of our work. We get to use our relationship to heal old wounds that you have been carrying around inside of you for your entire life.

Working through Triggers in a Healthy Way

There is nothing more intimate and beautiful than a client getting triggered by their therapist, whom they already have a secure and safe attachment and relationship with. While being able to tell their relational therapist “I am really mad at you right now”. And the therapist is able to handle that, wants to know more about that, and sits with the client through the repair of that.

On the flip side, we also get to experience massive joy with you. We have had the honor of receiving incredible life-changing news from clients in my work, and sometimes we are the first person that they share their news with! They get to come to us, share joy and excitement, and we get to hold that with them and rejoice. That is also part of the relational work.

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Experiencing the Relationship Together

In seeing couples, we get to experience the relationship together. We might use ourselves less in the equation, but we will teach you how to use each other instead. Part of working with couples is teaching them that we choose our partners for a reason. For many reasons actually. And many of those reasons are unconscious. That partner probably has some similarities to one or both of our parents that create an “oh so familiar” feeling within us, healthy or unhealthy. Once we learn about why we have been attracted to our partner, we usually can connect these same reasons to what it is that we find so challenging!

In our couples work, we do a lot of “slowing down”. Sometimes that means we interject to slow down the trigger loop and sometimes it means we get curious about a reaction that one person in the coupleship is experiencing. In that slowing down, we teach the partners how to get curious about each others’ reactions rather than battle them. It is not always easy but we are not aiming for “always”. We are aiming for attempts, tries, and efforts. If we can slow down enough to get curious about why our partner is having a reaction, we are stepping into the empathetic and compassionate role. This lowers defenses all around. You get to learn about each others’ childhood wounds through curiosity. We then get to help our partner heal some of those wounds through love and acceptance.

Build Stronger Connections with Relational Couples Therapy in Los Angeles, CA Today!

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If the journey of relational therapy or couples therapy resonates with you, take the next step towards building healthier relationships. At The Holding Space, we are here to guide you through the enriching experience of Relational Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. If you're curious and would like to learn more about how this process can make a positive impact on your life and relationships, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your journey toward a more fulfilling and connected life starts with a simple message or call. Discover your potential for growth by following the steps below:

  1. Reach out for a free consultation.

  2. Speak with an experienced relational therapist.

  3. Start living a more harmonious life.

Other Therapy Services Offered at The Holding Space in Los Angeles, CA

At The Holding Space, we offer more than just Relational Therapy in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in different types of therapy to help people manage their mental health and well-being better. Our skilled therapists focus on areas like Anxiety treatment, Couples Therapy, Depression treatment, and Addiction Therapy. We also specialize in Art Therapy, Brainspotting Therapy, and LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy. Other common issues we discuss are relationships, family, parenting, codependency, illness, and trauma. Whether you need help with relationships or other important parts of your life, our practice in Los Angeles is here for you. If you're seeking help reach out to explore the support we offer. Take the first step toward a happier, more fulfilling future today!

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