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Release Stuck Trauma with Brainspotting

Are you struggling to find trauma healing through traditional talk-therapy alone? Have you heard of brainspotting?

Brainspotting is a form of therapy that uses the brain-body connection, rather than the conscious mind, to help process trauma. More specifically, it uses a person’s visual sense to identify areas in their field of vision where they feel “stuck,” or fixated. These fixation points connect to areas in the body where trauma may be stuck, offering an avenue to access trauma that doesn’t necessarily involve reliving it. With proper guidance, directing purposeful attention toward these fixation points can allow people to process and heal the impacts of trauma on their body, which will also help to heal its impacts on their mind.

Brainspotting is one of many forms of therapy offered by our holistic team of psychotherapists here at The Holding Space. To find out if brainspotting, or any of our other therapeutic modalities, might be a fit for your needs, reach out to The Holding Space today!

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